1. Could Our Janitorial Services on Long Island Reduce Sick Days?

    You've probably seen those scary news reports about different areas of offices being tested for germs and bacteria, only to show that surfaces like phones, keyboards, and doorknobs are covered with stuff that makes us--literally--sick. It's making your employees sick, too. Every year, illness in the work place costs US business more that $570 billion. That's a lot of money for something that could…Read More

  2. You Can Earn Cash When You Recommend Our Showroom Cleaning in Long Island

    We do our best to spread the word about our showroom cleaning services in Long Island, but we can't get the message to everyone. That's why your word-of-mouth advertising is so important to us! Your friends and family trust your recommendations, so when you tell them about the amazing work Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation does for your business and that we can do the same thing for their bus…Read More

  3. We Have the Training for Proper Long Island Medical Office Cleaning

    Cleaning a medical office isn't like cleaning any other office. Often there are special precautions that need to be taken when it comes to Long Island medical office cleaning, and when you are hiring a service you'll want to make sure they know what those precautions are and that they are ready to take them. Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation understands the special needs of a medical office, an…Read More

  4. Commercial Janitorial Services on Long Island That Comes with a Guarantee

    When it comes to your business, you can't afford to waste any money. You need to watch your bottom line and make sure that you are getting the most out of every dollar you spend, no matter what area of the budget it is coming from. We understand that, and that's why we make sure you know you can trust Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation when you need commercial janitorial services in Long Isl…Read More

  5. Why Your Long Island Office Shouldn’t Rely on Employees for Their Cleaning Service

    It's tempting to rely on your staff to do the office cleaning for themselves. It doesn't cost you anything more, after all, and it gives your team something to do during their downtime, right? Maybe, but that's probably not what you've hired them to do. Instead of asking your employees to clean up, here are three reasons you should hire out Long Island office cleaning services instead: Our tea…Read More

  6. How the RIght Janitorial Services Can Help Your Long Island Business Grow

    Every business owner actively searches for ways to help their business grow. Something that many owners overlook is the importance of hiring the right janitorial services in Long Island. How can janitorial services help your business grow? Your customers will have a better first impression of your company. When they walk through the door, are they focusing on your services and good or are they …Read More

  7. Make a Good First Impression With Our Showroom Cleaning Services in Long Island

    If you have a showroom, it's because you use that space to make a great first impression on the customers coming through your door. It doesn't matter what's in that showroom--it might be shiny new vehicles or the latest and greatest gadgets--but in order to make the best first impression, you'll want to make sure that showroom is spotless. When your customers walk into your showroom in Long Island…Read More

  8. Office Air is Composed of What!?

    Air quality is one of the last things you worry about when you sit down at your desk. Many people believe that the minute they step into their home or office, air pollution is gone. Unfortunately this is not the case. Indoor air pollution can be negatively affect health in the same ways as outdoor air pollution. The EPA states that indoor air pollution may be worse than outdoor air pollution. To e…Read More

  9. How Often Should Office Carpets Be Cleaned?

    Carpets that receive little to no use do not need regular cleanings. Office spaces on the other hand have very little, non-traffic carpet spaces. Odds are the carpets in your office have not had a thorough cleaning in a long time. Carpets can trap pollutants, moisture, and much more. Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation is a leading Long Island office cleaning service. Keep your employees healthy a…Read More

  10. Our Long Island Office Cleaning Service Can Boost Productivity

    In most businesses, there are a few things that really boost success: quality marketing efforts, innovative strategies, and offering high quality products or services. However, there's a thread that ties through all the facets in your company and that's office cleanliness. A clean office will improve the overall mood among your employees and in turn encourage your employees to work harder. As a L…Read More