Showrooms are often the first thing that customers see when they walk through the door. The sparkling floors, impeccable countertops, and the high shine on every surface do not get there without the help of a specialized commercial janitorial service in Long Island. When the first impression is everything, it is time to hire the professionals to provide showroom cleaning services. Just think what smudge marks, dirty floors, and dusty surfaces would do to customer satisfaction! Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation is one of the premier commercial cleaning services in Long Island and we have been professionally cleaning showrooms for years!

Locations, such as car dealerships, rely on a steady stream of customers that may be willing to buy their wares. It is important to such companies to present the cleanest and most welcoming environment to customers. Any amount of filth that has been build up due to neglectful cleaning practices can automatically turn a customer away. Each vehicle must be spotless, all glass must be free of streaks, and no dust should settle on any surface. Bright and shiny are two things that you should look for in a commercial janitorial service in Long Island. With such a large volume of foot traffic it is also important to clean and maintain the flooring in the most professional manner. Improper cleaning methods can lead to a decreased longevity of the floors or a hazy film that makes the flooring look dulled. Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation understands showroom cleaning and its unique methods. With our help the only thing your customers will see when we are through is brilliant shine, dust free surfaces, and incredibly clean showroom.

To learn more about how Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation can help with your showroom cleaning, contact us today. Our commercial janitorial service in Long Island strives to give the customer exactly what they need by going above and beyond normal cleaning practices!