Many of the companies we work with are frustrated by the high cost of absenteeism, which according to reports is up to 36% of payroll.

Indoor air pollution, according to the EPA, can be much worse than outdoor air pollution. Also, improper restroom sanitation can negatively affect the health of every employee. Professional office cleaning services in Long Island are not all created equally! Improve the air quality and the sanitation levels in your office.

Great office cleaning companies should implement cleaning services that are dedicated to the health of you and your employees. Not only does a clean and sanitized office look gorgeous, it is healthier! Bacteria, dirt, dead skin cells, and insect activity can all put a strain on the health of your company. 

Reduce absenteeism with the best cleaning service company in the area! Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation will work with you to develop a healthier and cleaner working environment. Invite us into your company to learn about what we can do for you!