If you have a showroom, it’s because you use that space to make a great first impression on the customers coming through your door. It doesn’t matter what’s in that showroom–it might be shiny new vehicles or the latest and greatest gadgets–but in order to make the best first impression, you’ll want to make sure that showroom is spotless. When your customers walk into your showroom in Long Island, they should be focused on your product, not the dirt on the floor. We’ll make sure all eyes are on your merchandise! That’s why you need to call about Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation’s showroom cleaning services in Long Island.

Our team will come in and make sure every square inch of your showroom is spotless. We offer a comprehensive cleaning program that takes care of trash removal, floor care for both hard floors and carpets, window cleaning, and restroom maintenance and cleaning. In addition, we offer a variety of specialized services that we can add to your customized showroom cleaning plan, such as parking lot maintenance, pest control, grout cleaning, and so much more. Head over to our website to see a complete list of our cleaning service.

Get in touch with our team and ask about our showroom cleaning services in Long Island. We can come out to your location and give you a free consultation about the services that would be best for your space. Simply call us or fill out the form on our website and we’ll get back to you right away. Make sure you are making the best possible first impression on your customers when you work with our team!