Air quality is one of the last things you worry about when you sit down at your desk. Many people believe that the minute they step into their home or office, air pollution is gone. Unfortunately this is not the case. Indoor air pollution can be negatively affect health in the same ways as outdoor air pollution. The EPA states that indoor air pollution may be worse than outdoor air pollution. To ensure that the air quality in your office does not fall below standards, hire Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation-the expert Long Island office cleaning service.

The air within an office building is continuously changing. There are three different categories of pollutants that can be found within office buildings. Biological contaminants can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, dry throat, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, or illness. Many offices have excessive concentrations biological contaminates such as; different fungi, molds, dust mites, bacteria, and animal dander. Unnatural chemical pollutants can also negatively affect health and well-being. These contaminants can be due to chemical cleaner fumes, tobacco smoke, or carbon monoxide. One of the most prevalent forms of air pollution within an office is particle pollution. There are both large and small particles which can be suspended in the air. Large particles often settle on desks, carpet, and other work stations. These particles can be made up of dirt, dead skin cells, gasses from equipment, and outdoor emissions.

Improving the overall air quality of an office building will decrease the likelihood of an employee becoming ill due to pollutant exposure. Employees are also likely to feel more productive when the air quality has been improved significantly. Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation uses only Green Cleaning services that remove more dirt, dust, bacteria, and dander than conventional methods of cleaning. Our cleaning services will increase the air quality and sanitation of your office space. Give us a call today for a FREE CONSULTATION!