Here at Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation, your clean facility is our top priority. We only deliver the highest quality, most consistent, and totally reliable commercial office cleaning and commercial janitorial service in Long Island, NY. If you work in an office setting where there are a lot of people working within close proximity of each other, it can be hard to stop the flu from spreading during these months where the flu seems to be running rampant. Hiring a commercial janitorial service for your large office can help prevent spreading this seemingly deadly flu this year among your employees.

When you hire us to come in and take care of all of the cleaning and janitorial needs of your office, you give your employees a break. Instead of worrying about menial janitorial tasks that your employees once worried about, they can now worry about what they enjoy doing and what they’re getting paid for: doing their job. Plus, your employees aren’t likely to clean and disinfect all the surfaces in your office as well as we can, not because they aren’t capable, but because they haven’t been trained on how to do so and because it’s not their job. With the average desk harboring over 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, it’s going to take more than soap and water to kill all those pesky germs. You need a disinfectant cleaner.

This year, keep your office cleaner, keep your employees happy and at work, and hire Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation for your commercial janitorial services.