Commercial building are always much more difficult to clean than residential properties. With hundreds of people walking through the doors and many people working within confined spaces, it can get dirty quickly. The carpets, all of the surfaces, and even the air quality will need cleaning. These cleaning procedures are even more difficult when you begin to talk about medical office cleaning. It is important that bacteria, pathogens, and other illnesses are cleaned before they have time to spread. Fortunately, Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation offers deep cleaning services to medical offices in Long Island.

Cleaning a medical office is unlike cleaning any other commercial facility. A medical office can contain sharps and other hazardous equipment that will necessitate specialized cleaning and disposal. Only professional and licensed medical cleaning and disposal services can take on jobs at this level of complication. Let’s go quickly through the steps that are necessary to clean a medical facility thoroughly:

  • All cleaning personnel should wear disposable gloves, and masks while cleaning.
  • Germicidal and other cleaners that kill bacteria should be used over traditional cleaners.
  • Trash should always be removed.
    • Red trash bags with biohazard logo should be disposed of by a trained professional.
  • Wash hands after taking off gloves and before putting on new disposable gloves.
  • All dirty gloves and face masks should be disposed of in proper receptacle before leaving.
  • All bathrooms should be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Counter tops need to be cleaned with germicidal cleaners.
  • Vents should be cleaned out to decrease bacteria and dander.
  • Floors should be vacuumed, mopped, and shampooed on a regular basis, if not everyday.

We understand that Long Island medical office cleaning is very specialized and we promise to maintain a sanitary workspace. Each client will have an individualized cleaning schedule that are compliant with OSHA and developed for each customer. To learn more, call Thunderbird Maintenance today!