1. Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services

    The reasons that we choose to clean our offices and showrooms is to create a good impression for clients, customers, or patients. Cleaning also reduces sick days and leads to a better work environment. Many Long Island office cleaning services tend to use harsh cleaners that are full of chemicals and harsh aromas. While these cleaners may get the job done, is it worth the health risks? Thunderbird…Read More

  2. Medical Offices Need Specialized Cleaning

    Long Island medical office cleaning services should be left to the professionals. Think about all of the sick and/or injured individuals that walk into a medical office on a daily basis. While spot cleaning can be completed by employees on a daily basis, deep cleans are necessary to prevent the spread of disease. These deep cleans should only be performed by qualified individuals that have experie…Read More

  3. We Have the Training for Proper Long Island Medical Office Cleaning

    Cleaning a medical office isn't like cleaning any other office. Often there are special precautions that need to be taken when it comes to Long Island medical office cleaning, and when you are hiring a service you'll want to make sure they know what those precautions are and that they are ready to take them. Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation understands the special needs of a medical office, an…Read More