Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation has developed a system that we follow on a daily basis. The Thunderbird System puts our commercial office cleaning company above and beyond the competition. No other commercial office cleaning company can say that they have the same values, practices, or training protocols. Take a better look at the health and cleanliness of your office after just one day with Thunderbird Maintenance. We are the superior choice among office cleaning companies in Long Island.


  • Standards: Holding ourselves to standards higher than any client could expect from us.
  • Training: Committed to constant and never ending improvement in our marketing and the administration and delivery of our services.
  • Systems: Guarantee our teams achieve success every time.


  • Systematize: Implement already established best practices.
  • Optimize: Monitor, test, and optimize each function. Find ways to make improvements and create new systems on continual basis.
  • Systematize: Implement improved best practices. There is no standing still.