Business owners know better than anyone how difficult it can be to keep a corporation clean and tidy. Many owners choose to hire out to a commercial janitorial service instead of shouldering the cleaning responsibility. Other owners do not see the need for janitorial services and “clean” their own office space. It is true that office buildings need different cleaning regimens than residential homes. Hiring a commercial janitorial service in Long Island is the perfect way to keep your employees healthy and to keep the office looking top-notch.

Customers will notice the cleanliness of an office before they notice anything else. An unclean, cluttered, or musty smelling office will cause customers to question whether or not they want to continue business with that company. Impressing a client should be at the top of the list for business owners. By hiring a commercial janitorial service in Long Island, such as Thunderbird Maintenance, will ensure that your office is always clean and smells nice! This is especially important when it comes to maintaining shiny surfaces (entrance floor, countertops, etc.) or in regards to the restrooms within an office building. A clean office space will also maintain the overall value of a property or ensure that you will not have to pay extra when you are renting an office space.

Aside from important cleaning responsibilities (vacuuming, sanitizing the restrooms, sanitizing communal work spaces, etc) a commercial janitorial service will also maintain the aesthetics and cleanliness of individual work spaces. Kitchens will be cleaned, trash will be emptied, and dust and crumbs will be wiped clean. Each commercial janitorial service in Long Island will draw up their own contract based on services needed. Thunderbird Maintenance offers professional and environmentally friendly services to commercial locations around New Jersey! Contact us today to achieve the cleanest office space!