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Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation goes above and beyond to provide unmatched commercial cleaning services in Suffolk County.

The Thunderbird System
We created the Thunderbird System in order to guarantee the best business cleaning company near you. This system requires us to conduct a double-pass, double check our commercial maintenance, followed by a final quality control checklist at the end of our visit.

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Regular office cleaning is necessary for the health of you and your team, but can also enhance your company in many ways.

Available commercial cleaning services

Providing Top-Tier Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

From standard office cleaning to complete commercial disinfecting services, Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation takes pride in helping Suffolk County businesses stay fresh, happy, and healthy.
Our team of nearby janitors strive off the ability to deliver consistent professional maintenance to our clients, and we can’t wait to include you among them.

Green Cleaning

Using only the most environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning products, our building and office cleaners can polish your workspace while prioritizing your health.

Thunderbird System

Followed on a daily basis, we have developed a system based on standards, training, and systems to ensure we’re the most trusted commercial cleaning company near you.

Cleaning for Health

Our business disinfecting services follow strict measures to prevent germs, bacteria, and viruses from lingering in the workplace.

Daily Commercial Cleaning

Companies with high volume or frequent visits can benefit tremendously from daily commercial cleaning services. While typically provided to larger firms or companies in the healthcare industry, any brand looking to maintain a clean, corporate image can invest in professional maintenance to stand out to clients and potential employees.
Create a convenient schedule for a team of expert commercial cleaners near you to make your workplace spotless after business hours.

Periodic Workplace Cleaning

Periodic cleaning can benefit companies looking for more advanced cleaning services at more convenient times. Whether you need bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly office cleaning, Thunderbird Maintenance has the staff and availability to clean your workspace when it best suits you.
Give us a call today and we’ll get your commercial cleaning solutions set up in no time.

Office Deep Cleaning

We get it. Professional cleaning services are not always obtainable for companies with high priorities. If it’s been some time before you’ve received janitorial services for your business, commercial deep cleaning may be the right choice for you. From thorough carpet cleaning to
From thorough carpet cleaning and steam cleaning to furniture and appliance cleaning, our office cleaning services will give your business a breath of fresh air.

Clinical Cleaning

Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation has helped countless healthcare and high volume companies ensure their buildings are professionally cleaned with a focus on safety. Our sanitation services are provided using biodegradable ingredients that comply with CQC and National Healthcare Standards.
For expert sanitation and cleaning services near you, call our office today!

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