1. Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services

    The reasons that we choose to clean our offices and showrooms is to create a good impression for clients, customers, or patients. Cleaning also reduces sick days and leads to a better work environment. Many Long Island office cleaning services tend to use harsh cleaners that are full of chemicals and harsh aromas. While these cleaners may get the job done, is it worth the health risks? Thunderbird…Read More

  2. What’s Keeping You From Calling Our Long Island Office Cleaning Service?

    Everyday we hear from our customers that they wish they had called our Long Island office cleaning service a long time ago. So what keeps people from calling us sooner? It boils down to time and money. Time. We know that your schedule is filled up, and you barely have time to leave the office for lunch--let alone spend time on the phone getting quotes from cleaning companies for your office. Tha…Read More

  3. Why Your Long Island Office Shouldn’t Rely on Employees for Their Cleaning Service

    It's tempting to rely on your staff to do the office cleaning for themselves. It doesn't cost you anything more, after all, and it gives your team something to do during their downtime, right? Maybe, but that's probably not what you've hired them to do. Instead of asking your employees to clean up, here are three reasons you should hire out Long Island office cleaning services instead: Our tea…Read More

  4. How Often Should Office Carpets Be Cleaned?

    Carpets that receive little to no use do not need regular cleanings. Office spaces on the other hand have very little, non-traffic carpet spaces. Odds are the carpets in your office have not had a thorough cleaning in a long time. Carpets can trap pollutants, moisture, and much more. Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation is a leading Long Island office cleaning service. Keep your employees healthy a…Read More

  5. Our Long Island Office Cleaning Service Can Boost Productivity

    In most businesses, there are a few things that really boost success: quality marketing efforts, innovative strategies, and offering high quality products or services. However, there's a thread that ties through all the facets in your company and that's office cleanliness. A clean office will improve the overall mood among your employees and in turn encourage your employees to work harder. As a L…Read More

  6. Our Long Island Commercial Janitorial Service Helps You Fight The Flu

    Here at Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation, your clean facility is our top priority. We only deliver the highest quality, most consistent, and totally reliable commercial office cleaning and commercial janitorial service in Long Island, NY. If you work in an office setting where there are a lot of people working within close proximity of each other, it can be hard to stop the flu from spreading d…Read More