About Us

Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation delivers the highest quality, consistent, and reliable commercial office cleaning in Long Island, NY. Our creative Crew Captain Partner Program creates a team of highly motivated individuals and well-trained business owners. This is our assurance to our customers that an owner is working at your facility at all times. You can expect the best from our teams!

Our highly trained professionals will design a customized cleaning program to ensure that your facility is spotless. Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation relies on a comprehensive “Quality Control System” that ensures your commercial office cleaning services are second-to-none. This is our guarantee!

Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation believes in a clean work environment. This belief is the reason that we have put into action our Green Cleaning practices. Our janitorial cleaning services utilize microfiber cloths, mops, and high-filtration vacuums. These are the most advanced Green Cleaning solutions for a healthy work environment. Our specialized equipment will remove a higher percentage of dirt, bacteria, and dander. The specialized equipment will also ensure that less harmful chemicals are used at your facility. Minimizing cleaning chemicals will ensure improved indoor air quality and health of those within your office.

Our mission:

Be an extraordinary commercial cleaning company – dedicated to creating a loyal clientele by delivering superior service and through constant, never-ending improvement.

To build a great enterprise, our Crew Captain Partners Program give our employees the chance to build a business of their own within our business. This unique opportunity is offered to those who earn it by outstanding performance, and who show their desire, by going the extra mile on behalf of Thunderbird and our clients.

In order to incentivize our team we recognize outstanding performance with (2) awards:

  • Pats-On-The-Back: given for Performance Above The Standard (demonstrated in a single instance)
  • SOAR: awarded for Service Over and Above Routine (outstanding performance on a regular basis)

These awards include financial rewards and special recognition such as plaques, pins, etc.

Customer vs. Client

We have a core belief and we operate our business according to this guiding principle: that there is a big difference between a customer and a client. A customer makes a purchase. A client is someone we take under our care, guidance, and protection. We invite you to enjoy the advantages of being our client.

Green Seal Certified Products