It is true that medical offices require more specialized cleaning than other professional office settings. These facilities are usually governed by more strict protocols than those related to non-medical offices. Taking out the trash, wiping down counters, and vacuuming are only a very small portion of the overall cleaning procedure. Many cleaning services do not carry the products, or have the knowledge, that is necessary to successfully clean medical facilities. Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation specializes in Long Island medical office cleaning solutions so you will always have a professional service on your side.

Aside from looking clean, medical facilities must also be free of germs and other bacterial contaminants. In order to thoroughly clean a medical facility, a medical office cleaning service in Long Island must have extensive knowledge of HIPAA standards, OSHA regulations, and CDC cleanliness standards. A thorough understanding of these guidelines will keep the cleaning service staff and the patients safe from transmittable disease. Proper personal protection gear and cleaning products are necessary to kill bacteria before it is able to spread. Medical offices also need to be cleaned on a more frequent basis than other professional office facilities. This is due to the fact that sick individuals come in on a daily basis.

Many medical facilities would like to skip hiring a Long Island medical office cleaning service just based off of the expense they will incur. In the long run a medical facility will benefit greatly from hiring a professional cleaning service. Not only will your office look clean, patients will see that the staff takes pride in providing their patients with a sterilized and organized facility. Contact Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation to find out how our professional cleaning services can keep your medical office up to the cleanliness standards that governing bodies have laid out.