In most businesses, there are a few things that really boost success: quality marketing efforts, innovative strategies, and offering high quality products or services. However, there’s a thread that ties through all the facets in your company and that’s office cleanliness. A clean office will improve the overall mood among your employees and in turn encourage your employees to work harder. As a Long Island office cleaning service, we hear this feedback all too often from our clients. Today we’re exploring a couple more ways in which having a clean office can boost productivity in your office.

Did you know that sick days can cost the public sector up to 3.5 billion dollars in lost revenue and productivity every year? It’s true! An office that is professionally cleaned on a regular basis by a company like Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation can help cut down on employee sick time by offering a healthier environment in which to work.

Another way a clean office can boost your employees productivity is that they’ll be more inclined to come to work in the first place. Employees are less likely to want to come into an office that is cluttered, grimy, and that has overflowing, smelly trashcans. Not only are these things red flags for health hazards, but they also decrease morale. When you hire Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation, we turn your office into a brighter, more inviting space where your employees will be more eager to come in to work every day and worker harder.

Investing in the space in which your employees work shows that you care about them. Call Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation today!