1. Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services

    The reasons that we choose to clean our offices and showrooms is to create a good impression for clients, customers, or patients. Cleaning also reduces sick days and leads to a better work environment. Many Long Island office cleaning services tend to use harsh cleaners that are full of chemicals and harsh aromas. While these cleaners may get the job done, is it worth the health risks? Thunderbird…Read More

  2. Could Our Janitorial Services on Long Island Reduce Sick Days?

    You've probably seen those scary news reports about different areas of offices being tested for germs and bacteria, only to show that surfaces like phones, keyboards, and doorknobs are covered with stuff that makes us--literally--sick. It's making your employees sick, too. Every year, illness in the work place costs US business more that $570 billion. That's a lot of money for something that could…Read More

  3. How the RIght Janitorial Services Can Help Your Long Island Business Grow

    Every business owner actively searches for ways to help their business grow. Something that many owners overlook is the importance of hiring the right janitorial services in Long Island. How can janitorial services help your business grow? Your customers will have a better first impression of your company. When they walk through the door, are they focusing on your services and good or are they …Read More